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Held during the first week of February, National Patient Recognition Week places the emphasis on patients, rather than healthcare workers. It’s also a week where healthcare workers recommit to ensuring patient satisfaction.

According to a recent survey by the Physicians Foundation, doctors see about 20 patients a day. For nurses working in a hospital, it’s not uncommon for them to have 9 or 10 patients at one time. With this many patients to look after, it can be a challenge to meet their needs. This is one reason weeks like this are important. It gives healthcare providers an opportunity to find ways to better care for their patients. They might also want to take the time to listen to common patient complaints.

Some of these include:

  • Noisy nurses stations that can interfere with sleep.

  • Losing personal belongings.

  • Not communicating clearly with them or their family.

  • Not knocking on the door before entering their hospital room.

Unfortunately, there are many patients with chronic illnesses. These patients may need to see the doctor more often. They might also have to endure many hospital stays. These patients might also need very specialized care. While it’s important to recognize the needs of all patients, those with dire diagnoses should always be treated with extra kindness and compassion.

Many healthcare providers hold events that focus on improving care for their patients. This is a great time for those who work in healthcare to reflect on how well they care for their patients. They might also want to come up with ways they can do their job better. Healthcare workers can do this in the following ways:

  • Take more time with each patient.

  • Listen better to the patient’s needs.

  • Become an advocate for their patients.

  • Make their patients smile.

  • Commit to going the extra mile for their patients.

  • Urge patients of chronic illness to share their stories with others.

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This week was established in 1995 by John O’Malley, a healthcare worker. O’Malley felt it was important that a week be dedicated to the many patients’ healthcare workers look after each day.

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