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Teal Talk Day is on September 23, and it is a day to increase ovarian cancer awareness among women. Ovarian cancer affects about 249,000 people globally each year. As a result, on this day, everyone is urged to assemble their friends, dress in teal, and spend the day talking. Teal Talk Day is about educating women about the dangers of ovarian cancer and the necessity of being tested. Teal Talk, on the other hand, should take place every day, not only on this one day each year. #GenesisPrimeCare #ovariancancer #TealTalk


Teal Talk Day was created by Ovarcome, an ovarian cancer foundation, to increase awareness of ovarian cancer and encourage people to talk about it. With no screening available at the moment, Ovarcome wants you to be aware of your symptoms and empowered. You can save a life!

On February 23, 2012, Ovarcome was founded. Ovarcome marked five years of service to the ovarian cancer community in 2017 by launching this national and worldwide initiative. Ovarian cancer is a silent disease, but Ovarcome encourages you to SPEAK UP! In the absence of a screening test, women and families may combat the condition with information and awareness. Teal Talk Day provides you with that information and awareness.


1809 Ovarian Cancer Discovery Jane Todd Crawford has a 22-pound tumor removed from her abdomen and is the first reported example of ovarian tumor removal. 1950s Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy The chemotherapeutic drug carboplatin is discovered, and it is now a staple of standard treatment for ovarian cancer. 1998 Founding of Ovarian Cancer Research Body Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) is founded and is the world's biggest ovarian cancer research group. 2017 Declaration of Teal Talk Day Teal Talk Day is declared by the ovarian cancer foundation, Ovarcome.

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